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    Smart? Yes. Practical? Yes. Sexy? Yes! Emerson’s squared lenses exude confidence. Don’t even worry about what you’re going to wear. Emerson is ready to help you look good and feel good. And with a stainless steel instilled within the plastic, Emerson is lightweight, durable and ready for anything.
  • MEASUREMENTS 53-17-140
  • WIDTH Wide
  • FRAME SHAPE Square
  • MATERIAL Acetate

  • + Impact-resistant polycarbonate
    + Anti-reflective
    + 100% UV protection
    + Ultra lightweight-weighs 30% less than plastic lenses
    + Extraordinarily slim
    + We do advise you don’t run them over

  • + made with cellulose acetate
    + Extremely lightweight
    + Hypoallergenic
    + Flexible and durable
    + Cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color
    + Made with some of the sturdiest hinges for superior durability
    + High-quality crafting